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Slightly under six feet in height, he was broad in proportion. His best friend would not have called him good-looking, but he was the fortunate possessor of that cheerful type of ugliness which inspires immediate confidence in its owner.

Bulldog Drummond was the original daredevil adventurer who, with his various friends, made it their mission to fight all enemies of Britain in the uncertain years following the First World War. Fearless, resourceful, and debonair, Drummond could easily have been the father of James Bond.

Captain Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond DSO, MC is a demobilised officer, bored with his post-war lifestyle, finding peace dull after the excitement of fighting in the First World War in spite of being brutalised by his experiences in the trenches. He publishes an advertisement looking for adventure, and soon finds himself embroiled in a series of exploits, many of which involve Carl Peterson—who becomes his nemesis—and Peterson’s mistress, the femme fatale Irma. After his first adventure, Drummond marries his client, Phyllis Benton; in later episodes, she becomes involved in Drummond’s exploits, often as the victim of kidnapping by Drummond’s enemies.

Drummond is a member of “the Breed”, a class of Englishman who were patriotic, loyal and physically and morally intrepid. Drummond is a wealthy gentleman with a private income, formerly an officer in the fictional “Royal Loamshire Regiment”, who, after the Great War, spends his new-found leisure time looking for adventure. McNeile first wrote the Drummond character as a detective for a short story in The Strand Magazine, but the portrayal was not successful and was changed for the novel Bulldog Drummond, which was a thriller. The character was an amalgam of McNeile’s friend Gerard Fairlie and his idea of an English gentleman. Drummond also had roots in the literary characters Sherlock Holmes, Sexton Blake, Richard Hannay and The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Drummond’s wartime experience had given him a series of abilities akin to that of a hunter: stealth and the ability to incapacitate others. During his time on the Western Front, he would hone these skills on solitary raids through no man’s land. Drummond was also proficient in jujutsu and boxing, was a crack shot, played cricket for the Free Foresters, and was an excellent poker player. In addition to Drummond’s physical attributes is his common sense, which allows him to equal and beat his opponents, even if they have a superior intellect.

Drummond is characterised as large, very strong, physically unattractive and an “apparently brainless hunk of a man”. He is six feet tall, weighs around 14 stone (196 pounds), and has a cheerful type of ugliness which inspires immediate confidence.

In the matter of his personal tastes, Drummond is a member of the fictional Junior Sports Club, a gentleman’s club on St. James’s Square, London. His preferred drink is beer although he also enjoys drinking martinis and is knowledgeable about wines. Drummond owns both a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley.

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