I have always loved the mysteries from the Golden Age. My first introduction to the genre was in reading the Sherlock Holmes books as a third grader. I was inescapably hooked. Over the years I’ve read nearly everything published during the Golden Age, and I’m very pleased with the opportunity to share these stories with a modern audience.

The original spellings and usages of words has been retained, so as not to damage the flavour of each story; therefore, you’ll find words such as “wabble” and “clew” instead of the more common modern versions, “wobble” and “clue”. These are not errors; they are artifacts of their time, and an indication that it truly was a world unto itself.

With that said, I hope you find something here that will either rekindle happy memories of familiar stories, or offer a gateway into a new and wonderful genre of fiction from a time long past.


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