The Winter Murder Case (A Philo Vance Detective Story)

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How would you like a brief vacation in ideal surroundings-winter sports, pleasing company, and a veritable mansion in which to relax? I have just such an invitation for you, Vance.” Philo Vance drew on his cigarette and smiled. We had just arrived at District Attorney Markham’s office in answer to a facetious yet urgent call. Vance looked at him and sighed. “I suspect you. Speak freely, my dear Rhadamanthus.” “Old Carrington Rexon’s worried.” “Ah!” Vance drawled. “No spontaneous goodness of heart in life. Sad. So, I’m asked to enjoy myself in the Berkshires only because Carrington Rexon’s worried. A detective on the premises would soothe his harassed spirits. I’m invited. Not flatterin’. No.” “Don’t be cynical, Vance.

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This early work by S. S. Van Dine was originally published in 1939 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introduction. ‘The Winter Murder Case’ is one of Van Dine’s novels of crime and mystery. S. S. Van Dine was born Willard Huntington Wright in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1888. He attended St. Vincent College, Pomona College and Harvard University, but failed to graduate, leaving to cultivate contacts he had made in the literary world. At the age of twenty-one, Wright began his professional writing career as literary editor of the Los Angeles Times. In 1926, Wright published his first S. S. Van Dine novel, The Benson Murder Case. Wright went on to write eleven more mysteries. The first few books about his upper-class amateur sleuth, Philo Vance, were so popular that Wright became wealthy for the first time in his life. His later books declined in popularity as the reading public’s tastes in mystery fiction changed, but during the late twenties and early thirties his work was very successful.

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